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Integrator 3 Modular Converger

Modular Converger

The Integrator 3 Modular Belting Converger is designed to be used in a wet environment, where normal material belting drive systems fail.  It can handle almost every pack format from any Thermoformer or Tray Sealer and can be configured to handle multiple pack formats if required.  The Powered Guides are also configured to drive the inside of the belt to aid performance in a harsh environment.


Integrator 3 Modular Converger Features:

  • Hygienically designed for safe operation
  • Ideal for high risk areas
  • IP65 Environmental protection
  • Tool Free Maintenance
  • Belt changeovers in minutes
  • Interfacing with most Thermoformers and Tray Sealers
  • Modular design that allows upgrades if required
  • Simple to use HMI touch screen display
  • Maximum product pitching automatically calculated
  • Product Build Back Sensor
  • Height adjustable Infeed
  • Comprehensive Line Control