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Vision System

All Label Verifiers Feature

  • All New Vision System
  • Highly accurate scanning of pack information to ensure pack conformity
  • Simple to use to enable all operators to utilise the benefits of the machine
  • Clear, highlighted reporting of acceptable and unacceptable readings
  • Confirmed reject system to ensure non complying products are rejected from the line
  • Engineered to work in a food environment .
  • Adhere to the best practice standards laid down by their own customers – The Retailers
  • Protects the most precious asset - Brand Reputation
  • Prevent costly allergen miss –labelling
  • Shows the manufacturer has shown due diligence in their process by providing documented evidence
  • Shows the Retailer you take his concerns seriously and are adopting a pro-active approach
  • Prevent product recall, fines and prosecution due to bad date verification
  • Avoid Retailer fines levied for miss labelled products
  • Reducing labour costs and preventing human error by automating label inspection
  • Stops error from escalating internally causing product and material waste
  • Protects the brand from bad publicity
  • Automatically generates an audit database
  • Stops miss –labelling becoming a hidden production cost
  • Continuous monitoring of product pack by on-line scanning of packaging bar codes or other unique identification code or mark.
  • Continuous monitoring of date coding where product information such as ingredients and presence of allergens are printed directly onto the packaging on the packing line,
  • Ensuring that all date codes are correctly located on the finished packs and that they are legible


  • Accommodate a wide range of production line formats.
  • Able to recognise any additional labels or stickers which may be required to apply to the packaging for promotional purposes
  • Reads both top and/or bottom labels
  • Handles miss- aligned packs
  • Handles packs that are to close to accurately read by rejecting them from the line
  • Automatic rejection of out of specification packs
  • Confirmed reject into a lockable bin
  • Reject Bin full sensor